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To be Nicaragua's premier exporter of quality agriculture products. Internationally known for supplying the highest quality products available and offering responsive customer service.

To be the most desired place to work in our region by treating our employees with respect and fairness. By encouraging our employees to grow personally through education and by offering our employes on the job training and benefits that no other company offers.

To be a responsible member of the communities where we operate. Contributing to social causes and being a good steward of the environment, conserving and recycling whenever possible.


XAGRO provides the highest possible quality of fresh tropicals grown in Nicaragua to clients around the world. We offer a friendly and respectful customer experience and are always searching for new ways to streamline our processes allowing us to get our products to the marketplace fresher.

We embrace innovative and new technologies to ensure that we are fully compliant with both local and foreign government regulations, which includes environmental laws, and that we consistently deliver on our promise to "Pack the Best, and Reject the Rest"tm.

To ensure high quality production and products, XAGRO follows Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as well as industrial safety and occupational health systems.

All of our products are produced under international standards of good manufacturing practices. This includes the use of chemicals approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Our agricultural and administrative staff have been trained in Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACPP) certification and its implementation is audited continuously.


XAGRO is a grower, buyer, processor, packer, distributor, and exporter of fresh tropical roots, fruits, and coconuts grown in Nicaragua. Our products are sold to importers, brokers, institutional buyers, food manufactures, and large grocery chains throughout the world. XAGRO is owned by American and Nicaraguan stockholders and is headquartered in Nueva Guinea, RAAS Nicaragua.

We were incorporated under Nicaraguan law in September 2010 and received the prestigious exporter of the year award in 2012. With multiple locations for packing and exporting we are always geographically close to our products. We provide employment for upwards of 135 people, 70% women. To fill demand, we purchase product from hundreds of individual farmers and co-ops. Current products include Coconuts, MD2 Pineapples, Malanga Lila, Taro Root, Cassava, Arabica Coffee, Cocao, Red Beans, Corn, and Chia.

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